Welcome to VivaJava

Where coffee connoisseurs enjoy 100% organic Arabica beans roasted daily. Visit us to experience the finest coffee in Greater Vancouver

We strive to serve you the best quality Arabica coffee beans available

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    29 years in business
    This is the only custom roasting house in all of Richmond
  • 02
    Organic coffee
    All of our coffee beans are 100% organic, with a wide selection of varieties to choose from
  • 03
    Quality Green Coffee Beans
    Highest quality green beans aged up to 20 years and stored in a temperature controlled environment
  • 04
    Arabica Beans Only
    Our green beans from the High Altitude Arabica coffee plant, which yield a mild and aromatic flavor
  • 05
    Coffee Selection
    With 29 varieties of coffee beans to choose from, we will satisfy any taste
  • 06
    Always fresh coffee
    Freshly roasted coffee served for an unforgettable coffee experience
  • 07
    Custom Blends and Roasts
    We prepare both custom blends and roasts to meet your unique taste. Be sure to try our house blends
  • 08
    Decaf Beans
    Our Decaf green beans have the caffeine removed from them using the Swiss Water method only using water compared to others that use harsh chemicals


You will not find better prices for the high qulity beans and custom roasting we provide


Best of the House

5 Bean Mix
$25.00 /lb

Only in Canada
100% Organic
Coffee Arabica
Medium - Full

French Roast
$25.00 /lb

Free delivery around city
100% Organic
Coffee Arabica

$25.00 /lb

Lingering after taste
100% Organic
Smooth, clean finish

Swiss Water Decaf
$25.00 /lb

Swiss Water removal
100% Organic

Decaf Flavours

We feature 50 different flavourings for decaf coffee that will satisfy traditional and exotic tastes

Who we are

Come experience the true flavour of coffee at Viva Java — the only cafe in Richmond where the coffee beans are roasted in-house, fresh every morning.

We source the highest quality green beans and roast daily in small batches to bring you the best coffee.

Our wide selection of gourmet beans from around the world are custom roasted with care to ensure that you receive the ultimate coffee experience.

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