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Hello, my name is Arti

A Divine Passion

I have had a passion and love for coffee since I watched my mother grind her own beans with a handheld grinder and boil the coffee in a cast iron pan. I consider making the perfect cup of coffee to be a divine obsession.

I came to Canada and opened my own coffee shop in 1991, carefully sourcing and roasting my own beans in house. When I tell you I took it seriously…

Well, just look at my first poster.

I Know my Business

People in my adopted home town of Richmond, BC, Canada, soon got to know that if they were serious about their coffee too, my shop was the only place to go. For over 20 years, I’ve had customers who will go nowhere else for their beans.

During that time, I was carefully keeping a supply of beans off to the side, stored in bins free from air pollution and moisture, knowing that they would age like fine wine. One day I would retire and wake up each morning, sit by the river, and enjoy a cup of perfectly matured coffee from the only source of aged beans in the world: mine.

Well, I made two mistakes. It turns out I never really want to fully retire, and I way overestimated how much coffee I would need for myself.


So now, for the first and only time, I have decided that I will make some of my personal supply of aged coffee available to the public.

Countries of Origin
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Years Aged
Exlcusive Quality

About Viva Java Aged Coffee

A World Exclusive

There is literally nowhere you can go in the world to get this type of coffee, and when my supply is gone, it’s gone. If you are a true coffee connoisseur, this is an experience you cannot miss.

I have approximately 300lbs of unroasted beans from 15 different origins, aged between 25 and 30 years.

They have been stored in my shop in plastic bins to keep them free from absorbing any odours from wood crates or canvas sacks that would degrade over time. The beans have been sealed, free from moisture and air pollution, and allowed to age like whisky, gaining a depth and complexity of flavour that can never be matched by regular coffee.

We will be announcing upcoming
tasting sessions at my shop in Richmond.

 If you live in the area, you can come and purchase it by the cup to find out for yourself what fine aging really means.

If you live further away, then your only chance to try the coffee is by purchasing it by the pound.

Contact me  to secure your chance to participate in coffee history.

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